Stroll through the Sugarbush

First be sure you have permission to be strolling 🙂 maple11

There are two ways to go about this…

  1.  Go Alone (or with a friend) and walk quietly into the woods; stand still and listen… If you can manage this feat you might be rewarded with … rustling leaves, the trilling of distant birds, the sun streaming through the trees (as it needs to be warm for the sap to run!) and the rthymic plink, plink, plink… of the sap as it enters the bucket. The only thing to make it more perfect is if you planned ahead to bring some pure Maple candy with you, so as you begin to drool at this sound. A little pre-planning will go a long way!  Stand, listen, bask, and enjoy… a treat for the senses!

  2.  Learn a little something along the way and take advantage of one of the “Open House Weekends‘ as most of the producers also include a walk into the sugarbush to explain the process and show off their system! If you really want to get an education head out to Saps’-A – Risin’ at Swine Creek Park and see how this all happened historically.


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