Build MY Itinerary

Are you getting some good ideas but just not sure how to go about planning your route? Not a problem! You can custom build your itinerary each time you visit specific to your timeframe and what you would like to visit!

  1. Just click ‘Add to my Itinerary’ on all  the locations that look interesting
  2. When you are done, by double clicking on the last choice it will take you to the list of selections you made
  3. Put in your starting address (your home)
  4. Re-order your stops if you’d like (now that you can see them on a map it will be easier)
  5. Print your Itinerary and you’re ready to hit the road!

Just Remember to double check times that locations are open! Some small independently owned shops close early and remember NO Amish businesses are open on Sunday. Oh and grab a cooler and some ice packs! You don’t want to go home without some fresh cheese, baked goods, produce, chocolate…..see you soon!

Small cart from back MP