Geauga Barn Quilt Trail

What is the Barn Quilt Trail?LOGO

The goal of the Geauga County Quilt Trail is to promote the historic beauty and cultural significance of quilt making through the exhibition of hand painted historically accurate quilt squares affixed to highly visible barns and buildings in Geauga County. It’s an agricultural and tourism project designed to promote and celebrate our community pride.

Barn Quilts are designed like cloth quilts, except that they are created of wood and mounted on barns, businesses or displayed on stands in your yard. There are specifications and requirements needed to create an authentic barn quilt.  We are  just getting started and very excited about this new project! Find more information on the history  of Barn Quilts, creating a Barn Quilt or following our Barn Quilt Trail as it evolves at the official Geauga Barn Quilt Trail website or by becoming a friend on the Geauga Barn Quilt Trail Facebook Page.

Red Barn

A example of an Ohio Star Barn Quilt (not in Geauga County)


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